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To allow you to generate additionnal sales with offers that value you & look like you

France, THE flagship destination of tomorrow !


Turnover generated by travel agencies, 2/3 of wich are package deals


Plan a leisure trip to France in 2023.


To be the leading destination in terms of global economic revenue by 2027.

Avec Ty-Win

Boost your attractiveness

  • With enriched packages that reveal the range of possibilities of your services
  • Enriched packages become visible on your website and those of other service providers, who are stakeholders in your offers
  • Your services become even more valuable to tour operators and travel agencies

Sell more without risk

  • Thanks to enriched packages carried out legally by fully licensed agencies
  • Thanks to enriched packages that are entirely managed by those who design them
  • Thanks to the automated update of these packages without any intervention on your part
  • Thanks to the establishement of simplified business provider relationships

Increase your turnover

  • With enriched packages that differenciate you from the competition
  • With a wide distribution to distributors in demand of French offers (foreign TO, agencies)
  • With advance payment of stays/excursions wich allows you to envisage new spending possibilities from the customer once on site
  • With the quick and simplified processing of commercial relations

With Ty-Win, Distributors don’t pay ! 

Ty-Win subscription


  • Access to published offers
  • Manage your own markup, promotions and promo codes
  • Track your orders on your Pro Space
  • Creation of digital catalogs for your customers
  • Distribution of your selections on your website
  • Choice of currencies and languages (7)
  • Access to Services +


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