The Ty-Winners

Your daily contacts

Virginie Gargadennec

Integration project manager

Virginie was the first person to join the Ty-Win adventure alongside Jean-Vincent. Her extensive knowledge of the institutional and incoming agencies, with whom she has worked for more than 8 years, now feeds the developments and technological evolutions for which she is responsible.

Fabien Gasnier

Commercial project manager

Fabien, like Virginie and Jean-Vincent, comes from the tourism industry. Expatriated for 12 years, he has built up solid experience with an incoming Tour Operator, which enables him to guarantee high-quality commercial relations at every stage of your collaboration.

The rest of the team

Jean-Vincent Petit

Jean-Vincent is the director of SAS Ty-Win and comes from the world of IT and tourism. He owes his entrepreneurial spirit to the two professional successes he has achieved in 22 years as founder of the company Synerway and then of the company Funbreizh.





As Ty-Win’s communication officers, they are never short of ideas to spread our technology to the four corners of the web. Press, posts, and media communication: thanks to them, our customers or our news are always widely shared.




Antoine and Marie work in the accounting department. Maestros in numbers, they take care of all the administrative, accounting and HR aspects of our company.