Incoming agencies

To sustain your business in a fast-moving world

France, THE flagship destination of tomorrow !


Turnover generated by travel agencies, 2/3 of wich are package deals


Plan a leisure trip to France in 2023.


To be the leading destination in terms of global economic revenue by 2027.

With Ty-Win

Save time on marketing your offers

  • Your production is centralised in one place and in several languages
  • Your expertise is visible by all distributors
  • The content of your offers is instantaneous updated and automatically replicated

Increase your turnover

  • By distributing your production to new travel agencies & TOs
  • By selling your packages online on your website and those of your distributors and partners
  • By generating gift vouchers
  • By the quick and simple management of your promotions

Develop the relationship with your partners

  • Thanks to the promotion of your packaged offers on their sites
  • Through greater visibility of your work by your partners
  • Through the simplified affiliate relationship

With Ty-Win, everyone has their own subscription 

Ty-Win subscription


  • Create and distribute your offers
  • Integrate your offers on your website
  • Distribution channels for your offers
  • Your multilingual offers French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch
  • Manage the SEO of your offers
  • Manage your distribution network
  • Reference your business providers
  • Create employee accounts
  • Create promotions on your offers
  • Upsell optional insurances on your offers
  • Track your bookings and quote requests
  • Technical support by email and phone


  • 1 website
  • Up to 5 channels
  • 7 languages
  • Up to 20 providers
  • Unlimited